Sunday, July 27, 2008

More Beautiful Things and a Short Break

It's time for me to take a little time off from blogging. Call it a vacation, but after eighteen months, I've hit the inevitable burnout and need to play the lotus eater for the next few weeks. It will be a period of rest and recharge. During this time, I will essentially be incommunicado save acknowledgment of your recipe submissions for My Legume Love Affair - Second Helping. This is an ideal moment to thank the long roster of guest hosts who have already signed up through May 2009. I plan on booking out the remainder of 2009 as long as the interest continues, and do have some other volunteers yet to contact for scheduling. Please be assured that any post comments and emails left for me during my time away will be responded to as promptly as possible when I return in August.

I leave you with a few images of another recent photographic foray, as well as a clutch of awards I have been delighted to receive. Thank you, Laurie, Swati and Nanditha. Those I have passed the kudos onto are under no obligation to further the tags along. Indeed, one will be unable to do so, although the spirit, I'm sure, is willing.





(Excellence-Nice Matters-Arte y Pico-You Make My Day)

From Laurie going to ATENABWMMD.
(All the excellent, nice, artistic bloggers who make my day.)


From Swati going to Vaishali.


From Nanditha going to Meg.


From Nanditha going to Sher.



Simona said...

Rest, relax, recharge, return. We'll be here when that time comes.

sra said...

I often read about "the wisteria" and peonies - delighted to know what they look like up close! Have yourself a nice R&R and come back soon, will miss you.

Ann said...

Enjoy your break!

glamah16 said...

Relax. smell the flowers. and enjoy your break.

Ricki said...

You will be missed, of course, but I hope you have a restful and rejuvenating break. And will look forward to your return!

Kalyn said...

Have a good break, and I love the award going to Sher!

Laurie Constantino said...

Have a great time off - I just finished one of my own and it really really helped. At least you're planning ahead for it!

Nora B. said...

Dear Susan,

Lovely photos, Susan. And enjoy the break. I hope that you will come back feeling super refreshed. I am still battling my burnt out, but I suspect that it's more related to my schedule and less so a blogging block.

Take care,
p/s: congrats on the awards, all well-deserved.

Dragon said...

I'll miss you. :)

noobcook said...

Have a good break Susan! I'll miss your posts, hope you come back feeling refreshed and with lots of new inspiration :)

Lisa said...

Lovely photographs. Do enjoy your break. I've been feeling the need to step back a bit myself. Looking forward to your future posts.

Dhanggit said...

have fun and enjoy each day of your well deserved vacation!!

Lori Lynn said...

I love the iris!

Happy rejuvenation, see you soon!

Susan from Food Blogga said...

I hope you find your break rejuvenating, Susan. We'll be hear when you return.

Sunshinemom said...

Have a good time, Susan:)

Padma said...

I never saw peonies that close ever before. Thanks for those wonderful pictures. Have a nice time

Bellini Valli said...

This is a beautiful way to start my day:D

Tom Aarons said...

Awww. I only just discovered your blog. Here's hoping you (and it) come back refreshed and newly inspired!

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

I am floored with the beautiful pictures of the flowers..
Have a nice and rejuvinating break Susan..
Will miss you :))

Vaishali said...

Such beautiful pictures, Susan. The Iris is truly breathtaking. Congratulations on all the well-deserved awards, and thanks for thinking of me- it means a lot.

sunita said...

Susan, thsoe photos are too beautiful...enjoy your break :-)

Cynthia said...

Have a good rest and break. You will be missed very much.

Mevrouw Cupcake said...

I understand the need for time off from blogging, I hope you find peace and inspiration in your time away!

Sameera.. said...

Hey Susan,
Those are some wonderful pictures :)
Sam !

Kelly-Jane said...

Enjoy your time re-charging, and look forward to seeing you back when you are ready. xx

gadizq said...

i'm niTa
i've just found ur site...
wat a wonderful iris~

i think everyone needs some relaxation and recovery our mind^^
i wish u an unforgetable vacation..
hav a greaT tRip...

greeting from indonesia~

Meg Wolff said...

Glad that you are taking a nice long break. Thank you for the award. :-)

Sunshinemom said...

Great pictures! The iris is the best. You obviously had a nice relaxing break - The pineapples look juicy and inviting! Ginger must have added a good zing! I must look for orange flower water here - never used it!

Susan said...

Thanks, everyone, for your well wishes and sweet compliments!

Simona – Thanks, dear girl.

Sra – Wisteria has an especially reknowned fragrance. When you approach a plant in bloom, it’s like being enveloped in a gauzy purple cloud.

Ann – It was great. Thanks.

Coco – Thanks. They did smell good. : )

Ricki – Thanks. It was very restful, but I’m glad to be back.

Dragon – You’re so sweet, like that cake you baked for your colleagues.

Kalyn – Thanks. I’m just sorry I even had to put it up.

Laurie – A break does make all the difference.

Nora – Burnout is a beast. I do sympathize. It’s far more than just being tired.

Lisa – Sometimes you don’t realize how intense your activity level until you step away. It took me a week to start to chill.

Dhanggit – Thank you!

Lori Lynn – I couldn’t believe how perfect the iris were – like wax. Thanks.

Susan – Thanks. I’ll know where to find you. ; )

Thank you, Harini.

Padma – Thanks. Peonies are gorgeous, aren’t they? I really stuck my face in the bloom to get the shot.

Thanks, Val. : }

Welcome, Tam! Thanks for your kind words. Good to see you.

Swati – You are too kind. Thank you.

Vaishali – Thanks. I thought of you first for that particular award.

Sunita – Thank you so much.

Cynthia – Thanks. Rest and break are good for everyone. Hope you enjoy some of your own soon.

Mari – Thanks. I’m healed. ; }

Welcome, Sameera! Thanks! Good to see you.

Kelly-Jane – I know you understand the benefits of time off. Hope you are enjoying your current break, too.

Thank you, Nita, and welcome! It’s very good of you to come by. I’m glad you like the iris.

Meg – Thank you. That award was made for you, you know.

Harini – Thanks. The iris seems to be the overall favorite among readers.

Fresh pineapple makes all the difference. It’s so sweet and luscious. Glad you like it.